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Generational Change in Adventist Publishing House Switzerland

Zürich/Switzerland | 21.09.2015 | APD | Switzerland

The General Assembly of the Adventist Publishing House in Switzerland met on September 8 and decided a generational change in the management. The Adventist Publishing House in Switzerland, founded in 1929, publishes only literature in German but sells also products in French, Italian and English.

Managing Director (CEO): Dominik Maurer
On 1st October, the former Sales Manager of Adventist Publishing House in Switzerland, Dominik Maurer (33) will take over as Managing Director. Maurer, a former bricklayer, completed a four-year pastoral training and worked as pastor’s assistant. He then worked as Sales Manager of the Adventist Publishing House for two years. Maurer sees the 23 Book Consultants (Colporters), who go from door-to-door presenting the products of the publishing house, as extremely important co-workers, providing children, youth and adults with good and valuable books.

Dominik Maurer (33), new Managing Director © Photo: Advent-Verlag Zürich

Dominik Maurer replaces Christian Alt (55), also a pastor who has directed the Publishing House since June 1997. In Autumn 2014 Alt told the Publishing House Board that after 18 years as Managing Director he would like to take up a new challenge. He is pleased about the arrangements for his successor and is convinced that the young CEO of the Adventist Publishing House in Switzerland will bring new impetus.

Thilo Schneider (37), new Chief Financial Officer © Photo: Advent-Verlag Zürich

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) : Thilo Schneider
Since 1st September Thilo Schneider (37) has worked at the Publishing House as financial director with a 40 percent work load. He also continues to work with 60 percent for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency ADRA Switzerland. The business economist from Germany worked in the retail sector and, before he changed to ADRA Switzerland in April 2012, he was the Head of Controlling for MIGROS cooperative – the biggest retailer cooperative in Switzerland.

Schneider replaces Jolanda Mathys (51), who is reducing her professional commitment for family reasons.

Sales Manager: Helmut Kienreich
The Austrian Helmut Kienreich (38) will be the new Sales Manager from 1st November in the Adventist Publishing House in Switzerland. He is a carpenter and also a trained specialist social worker. He worked for five years in the mobile services in Steiermark/Austria assisting socially disadvantaged people. Kienreich also worked for two years as a Book Consultant (Colporter) door-to-door for the Adventist Wegweiser Publishing House in Austria. For the past few years he worked as construction manager for the Firm Cablex in the area of radio.

Jolanda Mathy (51), former CFO © Photo: Advent-Verlag Zürich

New editor-in-chief: Stephan Freiburghaus
Already in 2014 there was a change in the position of editor-in-chief in the Publishing House. Gunther Klenk (64) retired and Stephan Freiburghaus (47) became the editor-in chief of the Magazine „Life and Health”.

Adventist Publishing House Zürich, Switzerland
The Seventh-day Adventist publishing house was founded in 1929 as "Advent-Verlag Zürich". It was established by the Swiss Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

The publishing operation expanded in the fifties and sixties. In 1966 the publishing house moved to a new building in Krattigen, near Interlaken. The administrative headquarters remained in Zurich. The operational center in Krattigen was named "Advent-Verlag Zürich, branch Krattigen."

Helmut Kienreich (38), new Sales Manager © Photo: Adventi-Verlag Zürich

Since its foundation the assortment of educational children's literature, books and magazines for families and health promotion was in the foreground. Today, the publishing house and external productions range from the fields of health, life coaching, life practice, faith, Bibles, books and Bibles for children.

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