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Adventists in Germany publish statement on the current refugee situation

Hannover and Ostfildern/Germany | 13.10.2015 | APD | International

After a special conference on assistance to refugees, 22. September in Ostfildern/Germany, the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany published a statement about the current refugee situation: “Declaration Regarding the Current Refugee Situation by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Germany“. It emphasizes that the Adventist Church supports the protection of victims of political persecution, war refugees and their right of access to medical care, education and social services. The document also contains recommendations for local Adventist churches to provide aid for refugees and people seeking asylum.

„According to the Mission Statement of the worldwide Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Seventh-day Adventists in Germany assume their Christian responsibility of ‚ministering to individuals and populations most affected by poverty, tragedy, hopelessness, and disease.’ This applies to all people without exception, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, religion or worldview, disabilities, age or sexual identity“, stated the Adventist Church in the declaration.

The document makes it clear that the local Adventist Churches in Germany are in demand to give assistance. It invites Adventists to approach people in need to seek cooperation with authorities, associations, institutions, other churches and to check possibilities of voluntary work. Parishes could provide premises for language courses, meetings and encounter, programs for children, social and recreational activities, so the declaration of the Adventist Leadership in Germany.

Please find the declaration in English in the attachement.

German version:

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