Germany: Adventist church leaders condemn ax-attack in regional train

Munich and Ostfildern/Germany | 19.07.2016 | APD | International

Adventist church leaders in Germany have strongly condemnd an ax-attack on passengers of a train near Würzburg/Germany, that occurred Monday night. At least five people have been injured according to media reports. Adventist church leaders expressed their sympathy to the victims of the assault.

The news of the ax-attack on innocent people in a regional train near Würzburg/Germany by a 17-year old refugee from Afghanistan has “really affected me”, said Pastor Wolfgang Dorn, president of the regional church (conference) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bavaria, Munich/Germany.

“We condemn violence of any kind. It has evolved into unimaginable proportions," said Pastor Jochen Streit, Executive Secretary of the Adventist church in Southern Germany (Union), Ostfildern near Stuttgart/Germany. "Our deepest sympathy goes to the victims of this attack. We pray for a recovery at the soonest of all the injured", so the Adventist church leaders. They said that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is globally engaged in fostering the peaceful coexistence of all people.

Adventists in Germany
In Germany, with almost 82 million inhabitants, live 34.767 Adventists that celebrate their religious services in 544 parishes. Adventists in Germany run two hospitals, one university, one college, some secondary schools and kindergartens, one mediacenter, one TV- and one Radio-Station, a media center for the blind, two publishing houses and several social services. The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany has a guest membership in two interchurch-working groups and is member of the Bible Society in Germany.

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